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With Rodrigo's roots in Baja California, we have always been drawn to this wild Pacific coast of Mexico.  As John Steinbeck says in his classic The Log from the Sea of Cortez: "Whatever it is that makes one aware that men are about is not there. Thus, in spite of the noises of waves and fishes, one has a feeling of… quietness."

Experience life in the slow lane, as we meander through the treasure trove of islands, inlets and uninhabited bays en route from La Paz to Puerto Escondido. Join Belinda and I for this exceptional sail towards the shimmering horizons and breathtaking scenery unique to the Sea of Cortez, Baja California. Its clear, deep waters are a vast breeding ground for 31 species of marine mammals - 25% of the world's total, numerous colonies of sea lions and marine turtles and 500 varieties of fish and the migratory corridor for 210 bird species. Oceanographer Rodrigo Olson will introduce you to this remarkable ecosystem and its wildlife. We'll be scanning the horizon for the distinctive 'blow' of the Blue Whale, at 120ft long, the largest creature that has ever lived on earth. Author and film-maker Belinda Braithwaite will be documenting our journey. Sightings of the individual whales we encounter will be recorded and our findings shared with other scientific organisations. With stunning panoramic vistas providing the backdrop to a blend of island hopping and coastal exploration, the Sea of Cortez  is one of the best places in the world (if not THE best)  for whale and dolphin watching.

We will be working closely with Mexican Governmental entities, Universities, several marine research institutes based in Baja and with Conservacion de Islas (NGO).  


The vessel for this expedition will be a 47’ sailing catamaran with 4 double cabins.

Each cabin has its own toilet and shower. Each cabin holds 2 persons.

Price : $3,000 USD per person per leg of the expedition

Limited to 6 places so if you'd like to join, please get in touch with us asap!

Mar de Cortes


Baja California


We appreciate your interest in our efforts to make a difference.

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