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Rodrigo Olson


Rodrigo Olson & Belinda Braithwaite on S/Y Interlude in Baja California, Mexico

Rodrigo has a degree in Oceanography from the University of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico and continued his studies in Scripps Oceanographic Centre, La Joya, California.


Rodrigo discovered a new species of shrimp 'Eualus subtilis' at a young age. His paper was published with much critical acclaim. 

The Southwestern Naturalist

Vol. 29, No. 1 (Mar. 23, 1984), pp. 59-71

Published by: Southwestern Association of Naturalists

DOI: 10.2307/3670770

Stable URL:

Systematic Distribution and Ecology of Coastal Shrimps in Bahia Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico (1982)

Yachting Times Magazine - contributor


S/Y Carl Linne

Mar 2021 - current

Captain, M/Y Blue Guitar, 

Camper Nicholson 103'

2016 - 2020

Captain, S/Y Crazy Horse, Oyster 72'

Maintenance and upkeep of vessel

Nov 2017

Captain, S/Y Interlude, Shannon 51' ketch

Researching whales & dolphins, Baja California, Mexico

Sea of Cortez

1000 n.m. logged

Aug 2016

R/V Alguita.  50' custom catamaran

Long Beach - Ensenada (Mexico) then San Diego

Re-fit in San Diego CA, USA

Aug 2016

Captain. O.R.V Alguita

50' research catamaran

Researching plastics in Bahia Todos Santos, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

300 n.m. logged

July 2016

Captain, S/Y Crazy Horse. 72' Oyster sloop

Delivery from Palma to Gibraltar

500 n.m. logged

Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

Captain, S/Y Emmaline. 106ft HJB Custom Sloop. 

Palma to Antigua

Aug 2015

Captain, R/V Song of the Whale, 72' custom steel sloop

Researching whales off west coast of Ireland

1.600 n.m. logged

Mar 2008 - Dec 2014

Co-Director of Custom Discovery

Researching whales and dolphins, conservation and education.

Organising expeditions worldwide 

July 2014

Captain, R/V Sea Dragon. 72' ex-BT Challenge sailing boat

Iceland to Faroe Islands to Sweden

Researching whales and dolphins

2,000 n.m. logged

Nov 2013 - May 2014

Captain, S/V Blue Ox, 59' Outremer Performance Catamaran

Building, commissioning and preparing vessel for trans-Atlantic passage

La Grande Motte, France to Bermuda Island

4,500 n.m. logged

July 2013

Relief Captain, R/V Song of the Whale, 72' custom steel sloop

Researching whales in Mediterranean Sea

1.000 n.m. logged

Feb 2012

Captain, S/Y Interlude. 57' Bristol ketch

Filming whales and dolphins in Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico

600 n.m. logged

Apr - Jul 2012

Captain, R.V. Sea Dragon. 72' ex-BT Challenge sailing boat

Researching plastics in the Western North Pacific

Marshall Islands to Japan, then onto Hawaii

7,500 n.m. logged


Developing Custom Discovery with partner Belinda Braithwaite

Filming for research and conservation organisations

Expedition : Outer Hebrides, Scotland, filming whales & basking sharks

Expedition : Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico, filming whales


Captain, S/Y Vesper.  Swan 77' sailing yacht

Re-fit in Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Jan 2010

Captain, S/Y Sapphire. 86’ ketch built by Belliure. 

Delivery Marseilles, France to Bizerte, Tunisia. 

500 n.m. logged.

June - Oct 2009

Captain, Vaka Project. Building, commissioning and sailing seven traditional 

ocean-going Polynesian Canoes. 72ft custom built. Training Captains and Crew. 

New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji. Plus filming Humpback Whales in Vavau, Tonga.

June 2009

Captain, S/Y Mascotte, 60’ 1904 Bristol Pilot Cutter, 

Filming whales and dolphins in Hebrides.


Feb 2009 

Relief Captain, M/V Askari, 104’ Expedition Yacht, Moorea, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Jan 2009 

Captain, S/Y Balaena

Researching and filming Sperm Whales in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico


Sept,Oct,Nov 2008

Captain, S/V Vaquita Express, 

Researching critically endangered Vaquita porpoise population 

in Upper Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico

Jul 2008 - Aug 2008 

Captain, M/V Askari, 104’ Expedition Yacht. Tuamotus, Society Islands, 

French Polynesia

April 2008 

Expedition Leader, S/Y Carl Linne. 106ft HJB Custom Sloop. 

Free-diving & photographing Humpback Whales in Silver Banks, Dominican Republic.

June 2004 - Dec 2007

Captain, S/Y Christoffels LIghthouse, 106ft Custom sloop, HJB

Bermuda, E Coast USA, E Coast Canada including Labrador, Newfoundland, 

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, The Bahamas & Cuba, Antigua, West Indies


April / May 2004

Delivery S/Y Ipanema, 115ft Custom Frers sloop. 

From Antigua to Palma de Mallorca, Spain.    

3500 n.m. logged.


Feb 2004

Captain, S/Y Silurian 60ft ketch Hebrides, Scotland. 

Researching whales & dolphins


Oct - Nov 2003

Captain S/Y Silurian, 60ft ketch, Hebrides, Scotland. 

Researching whales & dolphins


Sept 2003

Delivery S/Y Visione, 147ft Baltic sloop, Gibraltar to Bermuda. 

3350 miles logged

Aug 2003

Relief Captain S/Y Foftein, 85ft Royal Huisman, custom aluminium ketch, 

Mediterranean Sea. 

Underwater filming of whales & dolphins


June 2003

Captain S/Y Windchaser, 45ft catamaran. 

Organised expedition to observe and photograph 

Atlantic spotted dolphins in Bahama Islands.


Oct 2000 - May 2003

Captain R/V Odyssey, 93ft steel ketch, 

Researching whales and dolphins

Papua New Guinea, Australia, across Indian Ocean 

(Cocos Keeling Islands, Chagos, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka). 

15,000 n.m. logged.


June - Oct 2000

Rebuild and commissioning S/Y Serenade, 62ft N.S. Potter wooden sloop.

Delivery from Camden ME, to Mystic CT, USA  

550 n.m. logged.

May 2000

Delivery S/Y Diogenes, J44, Camden ME to NY, USA

400 n.m. logged

March - May 2000

Recommissioning S/Y Sumurun, Fife ketch, for summer 2000 season,

Camden ME, USA


April - May 1999

Delivery S/Y Ipanema, 96ft motor sailor, 

Antigua WI, to Palma de Mallorca, Spain

4500 n.m. logged

Feb - March 1999

Maintenance, repairs & haul-out, 

S/Y Foftein, Royal Huisman 85ft Custom aluminium ketch, 

Antigua WI.


Aug 1998 - Jan 1999

Captain S/Y White Wings, 76 W-Class cold-moulded sloop. 

Supervision of its construction and commissioning (launched Sept 1998) 

Maine USA  Delivery to Caribbean via Florida.   

3350 miles logged

May - July 1998

Rigger, Wayfarer Marine Co., Camden, ME, USA

Rigging, tuning and repairs on all types of rigs.


March - April 1998

Delivery S/Y Le Maripier V, Swan 65, 

Majuro, Marshall Islands to Tarawa, Kiribati, Micronesia

580 n.m. logged

Jan 1996 - Feb 1998

Captain S/Y Foftein, Royal Huisman, 85ft Custom aluminium ketch. 

Eastern Canada, NE coast USA, Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, 

Dominican Republic and Caribbean. 

Including filming and diving with whales and dolphins

20,000 n.m. logged

Nov - Dec 1995

Delivery S/Y Serenity of Sea, Jongert 22m, 

Westbrook, CT, USA to Antigua, WI

2000 n.m. logged


April - June 1995

Captain S/Y Pursi, Swan 41, 

Re-commissioning and delivery from Antigua, WI to Camden ME, USA

2000 n.m. logged

Nov 1994 - Jan 1995

Installation of new carbon-fibre mast on S/Y Le Marpier V, Swan 65, 

San Diego, CA

Delivery to Acapulco, Mexico

1200 n.m. logged


Nov 1992 - Oct 1994

Captain S/Y Talina Swan 65, 

Caribbean, Bermuda NE Coast USA and Eastern Canada

20,000 n.m. logged

April 1991 - Oct 1992

Captain S/Y Saida Swan 65, 

Caribbean, NE coast, USA, Central America, west coast of Mexico and USA including a re-fit in Camden ME, USA

20,000 n.m. logged

Dec 1990 - March 1991

Relief Captain S/Y Le Maripier V, Swan 651, 

Honduras, Guatemala and Belize, Caribbean Sea

500 n.m. logged

Nov 1987 - Oct 1990

Captain S/Y Talina Swan 65, 

Caribbean, Bermuda, NE Coast USA, Eastern Canada, Transatlantic, 

Western Europe, including 2 major refits in USA

30,000 n.m. logged

Aug - Nov 1987

First Mate S/Y Pegasus 92 Custom sloop. 

Delivery from Seattle WA, USA to Virgin Islands, West Indies.

6000 n.m. logged

June 1986 - Aug 1987

Sailing instructor and boat deliveries in Puget Sound, USA 

and British Columbia, Canada

June 1986 - Aug 1987

Sailing instructor and boat deliveries in Puget Sound, USA 

and British Columbia, Canada


Dec 1982 - Feb 1986

First Mate S/Y Le Maripier IV, Swan 57, during Pacific voyage 

Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, west coast USA, west coast of Mexico, 

Central America and Caribbean

30,000 n.m. logged

July - Aug 1982

Refit S/Y Cassandra, 47ft Formosa ketch for Offshore Voyage, 

Seattle WA, USA


Sept 1976 - April 1982

Instructor: Skin & Scuba diving, Swimming & Life Saving 

at Marine Science School, UABC, Ensenada, Mexico

Further Info:

Languages : Spanish, English, French & some German

Full International Driving License


Eng 1             

Offshore Yachtmaster, RYA, Hamble UK

Ocean Yachtmaster, RYA, Hamble UK

Sea Survival, Class IV, MCA, UKSA, Isle of Wight UK

MSc in Marine Ecology at UABC, Ensenada, Mexico

BSc in Oceanography at UABC, Ensenada, Mexico

Celestial Navigation & Marine Weather Courses, Seattle WA, USA

Advanced Diving Certification, NAUI, Scripps, La Jolla, San Diego CA, USA

Ocean Lifeguard Certification, San Diego, CA, USA

Scuba & Skin Diving Certification, Ensenada, Mexico

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